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corporate solutions

You will be astonished at how revitalised your colleagues are when they come back from their break. Breathe deeply, stretch and massage yourself in the fresh air. In just 10 minutes you will be back at your workplace feeling healthy, relaxed and raring to go for the next few hour.


pool set

Ideal for swimming pools and beaches. The alternative to boredom or bad weather.


fitness in schools

For more exercise and healthy body consciousness. Exercising with friends promotes concentration and receptivity, especially in schoolchildren. Posture and general levels of fitness improve significantly and kids find out what fun it is to exercise outdoors.



Fitness equipments next to playgrounds and sports complexes represent the perfect combination for the whole family. A unique opportunity to exercise while your kids are playing and make active use of your time..


public parks

Exercising and training together is even more fun here. The fitness equipment can be used by anyone at any time whenever they feel like it.


hospitals and retirement homes

Gentle, easy exercises for all generations. Exercise is fun and improves the quality of life.


hotels, service stations and restaurants

Fitness equipment can give your customers a lot of pleasure and enjoyment. Counteracts boredom or stress, for relaxation, after long car journeys or simply as an addition to any health or fitness program.

  01 Twister   01 Kids Bike   01 V-Trainerr   01 Cube  
  02 Bike   02 Kids climbing   02 Tai Chi   02 Fitness Bench  
  03 Stepper       03 Arm Rotor   03 X-Bar  
  04 Crosstrainer              
  05 nordic-Walker              
  06 side-Stepper              
  07 Rowing machine              
  08 Tai-Chi              
  09 Balancer              
  10 Swing              
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